Coating Systems

Over the years we have had access to a variety of different coating systems and it is important our clients are delighted with the coating as well as our workmanship. Australian Dustless Floorsanding knows through experience that each project will vary and therefore require different considerations. We can draw upon waterborne systems as well as natural oils and hardwax flooring solutions to create beautiful timber floors unique to each Client’s needs and tastes. We proudly use BONA & OSMO Hard wax Oil timber floor finishes and their range of options.

Shops, products and stock on shelves can generally be left as is. Items also won’t be caked with dust and soaked in polyurethane fumes leading to soiling of goods, stock being thrown out, washing down shelves or ventilating for weeks. Also, the use of waterborne coatings and natural oils means timber flooring rejuvenation have little impact on adjoining businesses and neighbours unlike polyurethane – whereby they were forced to move out or leave due to exposure to toxic fumes.

“Here at ADF we make no apologies for using outstanding, waterborne coating systems and natural oils specifically designed for timber flooring. It is our commitment to clients that we won’t settle for second best”.

Darren Roberts

WATERBORNE SYSTEMS: The benefits of non-yellowing, waterborne coating systems quickly outweigh any initial or perceived savings from using solvent based coatings. Solvent based timber floor coatings might be seen as cheaper but they are old, invasive, toxic technology and quickly ages and turns amber/orange in tone. Staff, Clients, neighbours and the environment are no longer subjected to the chemical exposure and toxic fumes associated with polyurethane timber and cork floor coatings. We are proud to say we have been using alternative, more natural finishes for wooden floors for over 20 years. We could see the need for safer, more client-friendly products as well as being so much better for our staff. Waterborne coatings are unashamedly low maintenance and true set and forget coating systems – but without the chemicals. Using waterborne systems and natural oils ensure no more horrendous exposure to off-gassing chemical fumes – VOC’s etc. Waterborne coating systems also mean our Clients don’t always have to completely move out. These friendly coatings reduce lengthy delays in moving back home or continuing with business because you don’t have to deal with the overpowering fumes off-gassing from a polyurethane floor that lingers for many, many weeks.

OIL / WAX FINISHES: Oil and Wax finishes were in use long before polyurethane and waterbased coating were conceived. Essentially made from plant extracts and resins, the modern versions of these products are now technologically advanced floor finishes. The natural warmth and beauty of a timber floor is enhanced by the use of oil and wax finishes. Although these coatings may not be seen as durable as waterborne systems they have several other advantages. Light scuffing can be repaired with a simple wipe of oil or wax over the effected area. Deeper scratches can usually be sanded out and spot repaired by the property owner. By following basic cleaning and maintence procedures, the floor should last a “lifetime” – no need to resand your floor!