Who benefits from dustless floorsanding

Everyone who needs a timber flooring refurbishment will absolutely benefit from using Australian Dustless Floorsanding! Domestic and commercial Projects, retail and government settings – why would you use the old toxic, invasive method of traditional polished floorboards and parquet utilized here in Australia when you can choose to incorporate our cutting edge equipment for your next project?

  • Museums and Art galleries
  • Showrooms, Stores, Shop fronts and Boutiques
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Government Buildings and Community Halls
  • Schools, Public Library or Hospitals
  • Reception and Function Centres
  • Asthma suffers, allergy suffers and People with Chemical Sensitivity
  • Clients and families of all descriptions will face far less inconvenience
  • Neighbours and adjoining Businesses – retail or administrative offices
  • Products, stock and Staff will all benefit when you choose dustless sanding and waterborne coatings
  • Pianos, ornate Chandelier, Studies, bookcases, clothes and expensive computer equipment won’t be exposed to invasive, damaging dust.