Why Dustless

Dust Free

Australian Dustless Floorsanding’s service evacuates the toxic sanding dust outside via hoses to the unit’s collection drums – away from clients, products, furniture or precious items.

Occupational Health and Safety Issues

Reduces the risk of asthma attacks and other allergic reactions

No Clean Up

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST truly dustless floor sanding company eliminates the need for you to clean up afterwards. No longer have to sweep walls afterwards, wipe cupboards and wash items to remove invasive fine dust associated with old-fashoned timber floor polishing.


Adjoining rooms unaffected by invasive dust

Ornate furniture, fragile artworks, antiques, stock or chandeliers wont be cloaked in dust

From Old To New

Rejuvenate existing pre-coated engineered flooring rather than throwing out a perfectly good floor and starting again

Open Plan Living

Open plan living no longer means fine timber sanding dust rolling throughout your home or showroom.

Easy to breath

Asthma sufferers aren’t exposed to dust particles and airborne allergens and easier for everyone to breath.

Prevents Damage to air conditioners

Air-conditioning systems in apartments and office blocks etc are no longer clogged with carcinogenic dust.

Saves Time

Clients don’t have to empty out wardrobes, products or stock from shelves to protect their valuable items from toxic fumes and dangerous sanding dust.